SDXL Beta Test Collections

I’ve been having some fun running experiments on NightCafe using the new Stable Diffusion XL model. Here are some collections of studies so far: – SDXL Beta: Artists, AG 275 creations – SDXL Beta: NC Preset (Grid only) 35 creations – SDXL Beta: NC Presets 105 creations – SDXL Beta: VFX Environments 96 creations – SDXL Beta: VFX Scenes…

1000 CLIP modifiers (Landscape)

Pulled from a CLIP dataset, here are 1,000 prompt modifiers tested on Stable Diffusion on NightCafe AI text-to-image generator. Landscape Creation Settings 1/ 160s landscape 1/160s landscape 150mp landscape 16k landscape 1970s landscape 2d sprites landscape 35mm film grain landscape 35mm landscape 35mm lens landscape 3d landscape 3d render landscape 4k hd landscape 4k landscape…

Art Movements in Stable Diffusion (Portrait, Sci-fi city, Landscape)

A visual reference guide on the effects of some artistic movements when used as modifiers in a prompt on NightCafe’s Stable Diffusion text-to-image generator. Jump to a section beginning with: All prompts are the column heading + caption and are reflected in the titles on NightCafe. Click a thumbnail to see the full-resolution piece on…


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