SDXL Beta Test Collections

I've been having some fun running experiments on NightCafe using the new Stable Diffusion XL model. Here are some collections of studies so far: - SDXL Beta: Artists, AG 275 creations - SDXL Beta: NC Preset (Grid only) 35 creations - SDXL Beta: NC Presets 105 creations - SDXL Beta: VFX Environments 96 creations - SDXL Beta: VFX Scenes … Continue reading SDXL Beta Test Collections

New Collections Page

A new page has been added to the blog: to showcase all of the collections that I've made on NightCafe. This will be where you can access all of the individual creations contained within my studies and galleries. I'm planning to add a preview to each one eventually, but for now, it's only the … Continue reading New Collections Page

NightCafe Coherent Weight Slider Study

Ever wanted to see an example of the effects of all possible combinations of weights when using a Start Image in Coherent on NightCafe? I have. In increments of 0.2 (or 20%) I've created 216 individual images to show all possible combinations of the weight sliders so that you can find the right balance of … Continue reading NightCafe Coherent Weight Slider Study