SDXL Beta Test Collections

I've been having some fun running experiments on NightCafe using the new Stable Diffusion XL model. Here are some collections of studies so far: - SDXL Beta: Artists, AG 275 creations - SDXL Beta: NC Preset (Grid only) 35 creations - SDXL Beta: NC Presets 105 creations - SDXL Beta: VFX Environments 96 creations - SDXL Beta: VFX Scenes … Continue reading SDXL Beta Test Collections

1000 CLIP modifiers (Landscape)

Pulled from a CLIP dataset, here are 1,000 prompt modifiers tested on Stable Diffusion on NightCafe AI text-to-image generator. Landscape Creation Settings Text Prompt: Shown under each image Initial Resolution: Low (16:9, 832*448px) Runtime: Short Seed: 8377729 Overall Prompt Weight: 70% Sampling method: K_EULER_ANCESTRAL CLIP Guidance: NONE 1/ 160s landscape 1/160s landscape 150mp landscape 16k … Continue reading 1000 CLIP modifiers (Landscape)