SDXL Beta Test Collections

I’ve been having some fun running experiments on NightCafe using the new Stable Diffusion XL model.

Here are some collections of studies so far:

– SDXL Beta: Artists, AG

275 creations

– SDXL Beta: NC Preset (Grid only)

35 creations

– SDXL Beta: NC Presets

105 creations

– SDXL Beta: VFX Environments

96 creations

– SDXL Beta: VFX Scenes

96 creations

– SDXL Beta: Videogame Engines

240 creations

If these help your creations, you can support me by using my affiliate code TDRAW on the NightCafe site for 5% off, liking and commenting on my creations, sharing this page, or support me directly on Patreon.

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