How to remove blur on NightCafe creations

A common question from other NightCafe creators is:

“How do I remove the blur from my AI-generated images?”

The solution: to add a prompt containing the features you don’t want to see, then assign it a negative weight.

Here’s an image I created on NightCafe using the Text-to-Image algorithm:

Surreal Fantasy Landscape: 1a

Fig. 1 – “Surreal Fantasy Landscape: 1a, Toxic Environment” – by tdraw, created with NightCafe
without additional negative modifiers

I liked it. The AI had done a good job of creating the hostile environment I had asked it to, but I wasn’t content with the realistic lens effect blurring the bottom third of the image.

This is where the negative prompt comes in.

After enabling the Advanced Options, then entering “blur, blurry, bokeh” in a new prompt box, I used the slider to set its weight to “-1” and this was the result:

Surreal Fantasy Landscape: 1b

Fig. 2 – “Surreal Fantasy Landscape: 1b, Toxic Environment” – by tdraw, created on NightCafe
with additional negative modifiers

As with any change to the prompts or settings of an AI-generated artwork, subtle changes can be noticed throughout the whole piece in regards to the composition or the luminosity of certain areas, but I think it was worth it.

Take a look for yourself by dragging the slider side-to-side to compare the effectiveness of adding this negative prompt to the creation and then let me know in the comments.


Fig. 3 – Side by side comparison

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